Rhythmatic Martial Arts Academy is a Black belt school. Our primary discipline is Olympic Taekwondo.  Established in 2005, we have been a strong foundation in the community.  

Take your time navigating our website. Learn about us, out staff, and the benefits of Martial arts.  We offer evening classes for all ages in Taekwondo, Summer programs, fitness personal training and small group fitness programs.

Here at RMAATKD, when you walk in the door you become family.  When you leave, your going to leave with values and virtues that will remain a part of your everyday life for the rest of your life.  Whether you start as a child at the age of 2 1/2 or in your adulthood, we can ensure you will change your mental health, physical fitness level, confidence level, and diet.  We believe in well rounded human beings because...

Martial arts isn't a sport...its a LIFESTYLE!