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Welcome to the Rhytmatic Martial Arts Academy

Thank you for visiting us here at Rhythmatic Martial Arts Karate Academy of Scotch Plains! We welcome you to take advantage of our world class instructors and facilities. Our facilities are set up to provide the most comfortable and relaxed environment to learn martial arts in an efficient manner. But we aren't here to put you through a boot camp experience, we feel that a fun and comfortable environment will put you at ease and allow you to better focus your concentration on learning the lessons.

We Teach it all!

At Rhythmatic Martial Arts Karate Academy of Scotch Plains our martial arts training program is the best available. Our staff makes it their first priority to provide individual attention to help all of our students achieve their maximum potential. No matter who you are, man, woman, child, or teen we have training programs that will work for you! Our staff of fun and expertly trained instructors will help you hone your skills no matter how much experience you have or if you are just stepping off the couch.

Here at Rhythmatic Martial Arts Karate Academy of Scotch Plains we use a balanced fitness plan that gets our students into the best physical and mental shape. We use stretching and conditioning exercises to improve your mobility and warm up for the rest of the training. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises work to build strength and physical endurance. And the regimen of martial arts training will build mental focus and discipline as you meld mind and body in learning each new lesson.

We do more than just classes here at Rhythmatic Martial Arts Karate Academy of Scotch Plains! Come visit us at one of our special events to see all that we do!